Comedy Ring

Live Stand-up Comedy

Vancouver's #1 destination for live, uncut, raw, uncensored stand up comedy!Vancouvers Best Live Comedy Show!Use promo code RING for discounted ticketsClick the links/posters for tickets!!!

November Dates:Nov 2 The Hart 8pm
Nov 3 Calabash 8pm
Nov 6 The Hart 8pm
Nov 9 The Hart 8pm
Nov 10 Calabash 8pm
Nov 13 The Hart 8pm
Nov 15 library square 8pm
Nov 16 The Hart 8pm
Nov 17 Roast Battle Federation 10 8pm
Nov 18 Parts Unknown 9:15pm
Nov 20 The Hart 8pm
Nov 23 The Hart 8pm
Nov 24 Calabash 8pm
Nov 25 Parts Unknown 9:15pm
Nov 27 The Hart 8pm
Nov 30 The Hart 8pm

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